Pathway for immigrating to Australia by 188E- Entrepreneur stream

Immigrate to Australia by 188E is for entrepreneurs who will set up business in Australia through innovative products or services, with the aim of attracting high-skilled global talent.

Besides, this visa requires the applicant’s entrepreneurial activities or business plan to be approved by the state or territory government and to demonstrate that they intend to continue to operate.

Moreover, Eligible entrepreneurial activities must have innovative ideas, commercialize Australian products or services, or drive the development of Australian enterprises or businesses.

In addition, the visa is valid for 5 years. We can tailor-make solutions for our clients and assist in the implementation of post-temporary visa operations. 

Lastly, during the visa holding period, if you meet the relevant requirements in Australia, you can apply for the 888E Australian Permanent Residence Status (PR) in the fastest four years.

immigrate to Australia by 188E
Immigrate to Australia by 188E highlights:
  • No record of previous business ownership and management experience required
  • No experience managing a portfolio is required
  • No asset requirement
  • Reference time for approval by the bureau: about 3-7 months
  • Under the age of 55 (or the age requirement may be waived by the government)
    • Accompanying children under the age of 18; or 18 to 23 years old, studying full-time and dependent on the main applicant
  • Submit a business plan: Prove that the start-up company can drive the Australian economy and have long-term significant benefits to Australia’s development. 
  • Entrepreneurial activity must not involve residential real estate, employment of labour or the purchase of an existing business or franchise in Australia
  • Be nominated by a state or territory government
Requirement for 888E VISA:
  • 4 years before applying for permanent residence, and have lived in Australia for at least 2 years accumulatively
  • Satisfy the conditions set out by the state government in 188E and be nominated by the state or territory government
  • Have a successful business
  • Present 2 critical success factors, or 1 critical success factor and 3 supporting success factors:
    • Critical success factors include:
      • Hire 2 or more Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or other eligible persons
      • Annual turnover of AUD 300,000
      • File a provisional patent or obtain a patent
      • Entrepreneurial activities to obtain ongoing funding or investment
      • Establish partnerships with universities
      • Sale of start-up business for AUD 2 million
    • Supporting success factors include:
      • Adapt your entrepreneurial activities to other business areas
      • Receive a statement of success from a state or territory government nominee
      • Get sponsorship from the corporate world
      • Started at least 1 other business or contributed to at least 2 other businesses
      • Obtain a formal official certificate of recognition or recognition
      • Raise or contribute social capital

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Effective from 1/7/2021

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