Pathway for Immigrating to Australia by 188A – Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)

Immigrate to Australia by 188A is specially for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is currently the most popular immigration program.

188A visa application only needs to audit the company’s turnover, and the investment amount is not high.

Besides, immigrate to Australia by 188A, the investment business form is more flexible, and it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to operate business in Australia. 

It is better for the applicant to have certain business experience in the past. If the applicant has no business experience, or if the turnover and assets are insufficient, we can still plan other solutions to inject business and determine assets through customer background assessment. Combine, increase EOI score!

In addition, the visa is valid for 5 years, visa holders can travel to and from Australia freely, and their children can study in Australian public primary and secondary schools for free. 

Lastly, during the visa holding period, if the relevant business and residence requirements are met in Australia, for example: one spouse participates in daily management in Australia, and can apply for 888A Australian Permanent Residence Status (PR) in the fastest three years.

Immigrate to Australia by 188A


Immigrate to Australia by 188A highlights:

  • Low application threshold, no language and academic requirements
  • More flexible
  • Those with business experience can invest after approval to reduce uncertainties
  • The policy has been implemented for a long time, and the approval requirements are relatively stable
  • Reference time for approval by the bureau: about 15-35 months
  • Under the age of 55 (or the age requirement may be waived by the government)
    • Accompanying children under the age of 18; or 18 to 23 years old, studying full-time and dependent on the main applicant
  • Minimum 2 years of business experience
  • Before the application, the company’s turnover has reached AUD 750,000 or more in at least 2 years in the past 4 years (maximum two companies have combined turnover)
    • After application, the company has a turnover of at least AUD 300,000
  • Principal applicant (and his/her spouse) shareholding requirements in the company (up to two corporate shares combined):
    • If the company is an unlisted company, it must own at least 30% of the shares
    • If the company is a listed company, it must own at least 10% of the shares
  • The main applicant (and his/her spouse) has a family net worth of at least A$1.25 million
  • Meet the EOI score requirement of 65 or above
Requirement for 888A VISA:
  • Be nominated by a state or territory government
  • 3 years before applying for permanent residence, and have lived in Australia for at least 2 years accumulatively
  • Own and operate a business in Australia for 3 years while holding a 188A visa
  • In the 12 months before applying for permanent residence, the annual turnover of the Australian company has reached 300,000 Australian dollars or more (required to hold more than 51% of the shares); if the annual turnover has reached 400,000 Australian dollars or more (required to hold more than 30% of the shares)
  • Two of the following three conditions are met:
    • Continued business in Australia with net assets of A$200,000 or more
    • Household assets of at least AUD 600,000
    • 12 months prior to applying for permanent residence, employ at least 2 local full-time employees

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Effective from 1/7/2021

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