【Immigrate to Australia?】Eight advantages you must know

If you are having an idea about immigrate to Australia, there are several things you must know.

According to the “2020 Global Wealth Migration Assessment Report” released by New World Wealth, Australia ranks first in the world, with 12,000 million high-net-worth individuals in a year, and is the first choice for high-net-worth individuals in the world.

4 cities in “The most livable cities”

immigrate to Australia

According to the “Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU, The Economist Intelligence Unit) 2021” list of livable cities in the world, Adelaide, Australia ranks third, Perth ranks sixth, and Melbourne ranks ninth (for seven consecutive years) (2011 – 2018) the legend of the world’s most liveable city), and rising star Brisbane also ranked tenth.

Pleasant living environment, has always been one of the most popular countries for immigrants. 

This is one good reason about immigrate to Australia.

The most convenient passport

immigrate to Australia

Immigrate to Australia, you can have a powerful passports after.

According to the 2022 ranking of the world’s most powerful passports released by the Henley Passport Index (HPI), the Australian passport ranks seventh, with 185 countries exempt from visas for Australia. 

Tax Advantage: Avoid Double Taxation

immigrate to Australia

Overseas investors do not have to worry about double taxation of overseas assets and business activities due to becoming an Australian resident, and Australia has completely abolished inheritance tax, becoming the first developed country in the world to abolish inheritance tax.

Perfect education system, top quality

immigrate to Australia

Immigrate to Australia, an Australian permanent residents and citizens can receive 12 years of free education, and public school degrees are allocated according to the area of residence. 

Generally speaking, private schools and religious schools have better teachers, school resources and facilities than public schools. 

In fact, some provincial public schools rank even higher than private schools and also receive extremely high-quality education. 

In terms of higher education, there are about 40 universities in Australia with sufficient degrees, which are welcomed by overseas recruits. 

In terms of cost, Australia not only provides tuition subsidies, but also provides interest-free loans (Higher Education Loan Program) to students.

Perfect universal health insurance system

immigrate to Australia tax

All permanent residents and citizens of Australia are covered by the universal public health insurance scheme (Medicare), which covers public medical services and private doctors, and obtains a range of health care services at free or low prices. 

In addition, the government has also attracted people to enroll in additional private health insurance through subsidies and tax incentives.

Retirement Benefits


Australia’s statutory retirement age is 65, but the government is gradually raising the retirement age to 70 in response to increasing labor market demand. 

Immigrate to Australia, you can also enjoy the retirement benefits , they are mainly composed of superannuation and pensions. 

Employers are required to make mandatory contributions to superannuation funds at a rate of 10% of income (updated in July 2021), while employees are voluntary contributions; Pensions are subject to an income and assets test before they can be obtained. 

In addition, the government has several welfare cards, such as the Pensioner Concession Card, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and transportation concessions, which allow retirees to meet their basic needs at a lower cost of living.

Employment Opportunities and Labor Rights


Australia’s labor market is diversified, with high demand in industries such as technology and nursing services, and attractive wages.

It will not focus solely on the financial white-collar industry. In addition, Australia attaches great importance to occupational safety and workers’ rights. 

The government has set minimum wage levels, maximum working hours and other guarantees.

Affordable Home


Although Australia’s property prices have risen in recent years, it is easier to buy a property in Australia compared with the difficulty of buying a property in Hong Kong and the higher property price gap in other regions. 

In addition, the government has policies such as cash assistance and tax incentives for first-time homebuyers holding permanent resident and citizenship status.

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