【Complete Guidance】Rent a house in Australia

For rent a house in Australia, the bond lodgment is regulated by the local government department, the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA), with a consummated system and high transparency. 

The rental record and employment status of the tenant are particularly important, and income and related proofs are required. If you want to avoid language barriers and simplify the rental process, you can use a property agency with Chinese employees. 

The following will introduce the common rental process, fees and precautions in Australia.

rent a house in Australia, property

process of Rent a house in Australia

  1. Consider factors such as housing type, area, transportation facilities, building facilities, rental status (hardcover/semi-covered) and budget
  2. Contact a agent to find suitable rental properties, planned occupancy time and lease term, etc.
  3. Make an appointment for an on-site inspection. If the tenant is out of town, you can ask the agent to inspect the property on your behalf and provide a video reference. When a suitable rental property is found, the broker can negotiate the rent with the landlord
  4. Submit the Application for Property and required documents (see below) to the landlord; the landlord can receive multiple applications at the same time
  5. The landlord will check the background of the applicant, such as rental credit status and occupation, etc.
  6. When both parties reach an agreement, the contract will be prepared, and a 4-week bond and 2-week rent must be paid before signing.
  7. Before moving in, the tenant will receive a Condition Report of the house. If it is a redecorated unit, an additional Inventory List will be received. Return the status report and inventory to the owner within 7 days of move in, a copy will also be sent to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA)

rent a house in Australia, property

Documents required for renting a house

  1. Application for Property
  2. Proof of identity (passport)
  3. Residence Permit (Visa)
  4. Student Certificate/Proof of Income
  5. Past lease payment records (Tenant Ledger)
  6. Reference/referrer (e.g. current employer or former owner)



Rent a house in Australia, bond

1. Bond

If you want to rent a house in Australia, the security deposit is set by the local government agency and is usually about 4-6 weeks’ rent. 

This amount is withheld by the landlord throughout the lease term until the lease term expires. 

If the cleaning fee and any damage compensation/repair fees are incurred when the lease term expires, the landlord will deduct the cost before refunding the balance of the security deposit.

In New South Wales (NSW), landlords and tenants can deposit a bond in trust with NSW Fair Trading through Rental Bonds Online (RBO) to protect the interests of both parties. 

In addition, properties with bond records may be subject to dispute arbitration in civil and administrative courts.

2. Rent

【2021 Rent Level Reference】

Affected by the epidemic, rents will fall slightly in 2021. 

The following are the median rents for residential units and houses in five major Australian cities:


3. Furniture budget

In Australian culture, it is common for the tenant to prepare and purchase furniture when rent a house in Australia.

4. Miscellaneous Fees

Tenants may need to purchase Content Insurance for the unit and pay for water, electricity, gas, Internet access and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Tenants are advised to open an Australian bank account in advance to avoid extra remittance fees.

5. Agent Fee

According to the practice in the Australian leasing market, real estate agents will only charge property management fees and Letting Commission from owners, and tenants generally do not need to pay intermediary fees.




Check in

The day before the lease starts, the tenant can obtain the key. The tenant should check carefully according to the Condition Report and the Inventory List, including: the state of the property and the equipment and furniture attached to the room. 

If there are missing items or equipment is in poor condition, it should be recorded in detail. If the unit includes furniture and electrical appliances for rent together, it is recommended to take a video of the unit’s situation to avoid disputes in the future.

Relocation and Information Registration

As some properties require an elevator reservation, when the move-in date is confirmed, the building manager must be notified in advance, and the building management office must be registered after moving in.

Quit the lease

Generally, the Fixed Term Lease, and the tenant needs to give at least two weeks’ written notice.

Before handing in the key to check out, the unit must be cleaned and the furnishings restored to their pre-occupancy condition. 

Tenants generally ask professional cleaning companies to clean to meet the landlord’s requirements for cleanliness. 

Also, if new furniture is added at the time of occupancy, it will also need to be removed unless agreed with the owner. 

After the inspection, if there is no objection, the tenant can apply for a refund of the security deposit.

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