【Sydney railway project】 New estate next to Homebush, get it from HKD2.5 million

Fast going development in the western district
New estate next to Homebush railway
One-bedroom units starts from HKD2.5 million*

Why has Western Sydney become a hot place for investment and real estate in recent years?

Firstly,  to the fact that property prices have always been affordable.
Secondly, the development of infrastructure has also promoted the huge development potential of the Western District

Besides if that, with the above elements, leaded the population of the district is expected to exceed 1 million by 2030
For example,

  • The government’s urban plan
  • The new airport
  • The Western Sydney Railway
  • The Parramatta Light Rail

Point of Investment 1: A Metropolis of three cities, Greater Sydney

The New South Wales Government has set out its strategy to boost growth and liveability through a redesign of Greater Sydney as a “metropolis of three cities”:

  • The Western City Parkland
  • The Central River City
  • The Eastern Harbour City

The Metropolis of Three Cities 

The Metropolis of Three Cities is a long-term strategy for making Greater Sydney more robust and livable.

Besides, among them, in the 20-year planning of Western Parkland City, the aviation city and the new Western Sydney Airport, which will be built with a record 20 billion Australian dollars in public funds, are the most eye-catching.

Moreover, they will become another major passage to and from Sydney, providing important business opportunities in freight logistics and tourism. Create 200,000 jobs for the district.

On the other hand, Central River City plays a major role in business, education, residential community, sports and culture, with the Parramatta CBD at the heart of its fusion of finance, professional services and public administration, attracting talent and innovation.





Point of Investment 2:
Transportation infrastructure in the western district benefits people's livelihood

【Sydney Metro West Line】

A $27 billion investment in a new underground rail link between Parramatta and Sydney’s CBD, which is expected to open in 2030, in line with housing supply and job growth in the west.


【Parramatta Light Rail】

A $3 billion development, connecting Parramatta to Olympic Park, includes main facilities in each district:

  • All the important schools
  • Hospitals
  • Business centres
  • Leisure centres

Ensuring local residents can easily travel to and from facilities.

Besides, the light rail is currently planned to connect to the Sydney Metro West Line, and the first phase is expected to be put into use in 2023.

Homebush Stage 1&2 map


Homebush is located in the Central River City of the “Metropolis of three cities” plan.

Moreover, It is a commuter hub between the city center and the western business district of Parramatta, as well as a mature community.

In additions, it is close to Burwood, a Chinese settlement, and Olympic Park, an international sports and leisure venue, and has a complete transportation network. It is within walking distance to Homebush Railway Station and multiple bus lines.

6 minutes walk → Homebush train station
14 minutes by car → Parramatta, the business district of the West District
16 minutes by car→Sydney CBD

Homebush Grand Park

The project Bakehouse Quarter nearby the following facilities:

  • Business district
  • Entertainment district
  • Fashion retail stores
  • Cafes
  • Daily necessities

In additions, with high-quality school networks such as:

  • Strathfield Girls High School
  • Homebush Boys High School

Which makes it a popular school district!

Homebush Grand Park

6 minutes walk → Bakehouse Quarter business district and entertainment district
5 minutes by car→DFO Homebush large discount mall
5 minutes by car→Westfield Burwood large fashion shopping center
11 minutes on foot → Homebush Public School
3 minutes by car → Homebush Boys High School
4 mins drive → Strathfield Girls High School

Homebush School

The estate is equipped with 3,600 square meters of open space and a variety of clubhouse facilities:

  • Two landscaped open-air areas
  • A children’s playground
    A picnic area
  • A luxury rooftop
  • Swimming pool
  • Retail on the ground floor

Besides, one-bedroom units start at just over HK$2.5 million*; two-bedroom units with parking spaces start at just from HK$4 million*, action now!

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