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WHIZDOM 101 SUKHUMVIT Final Phase, which won the ACE Design Global I 24-hour shopping mall
4 minutes walk to Punnawithi BTS station

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Inspire 數碼智能社區

Whizdom 101 will be Thailand’s first comprehensive digital smart community, integrating office, residential, retail and leisure facilities. The project covers an area of ​​6.9 hectares and has a total investment of 30 billion baht. It is currently the largest new development project in Thailand.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Inspire

The project Whizdom 101 is located on Sukhumvit, one of the main roads in Bangkok, next to BTS Punnawithi station, with an exclusive pedestrian bridge connection, running through the surrounding living facilities.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 曼谷素坤逸路

The building is connected to True Digital Park, an open 24 hours shopping mall, Virgin Active Fitness Club 101, and a large food court. It is close to many large shopping malls, including: The Bangkok Mall, the largest shopping mall in Asia, The EM Lady shopping district along Sukhumvit Avenue, Terminal 21, Siam Paragon, etc.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Ture Digital Park

True Digital Park also creates a knowledge-sharing community for young urbanites. They can attend forums, seminars, learn from experts, and meet like-minded people. WhizGround and WhizStudio can host private events and have a café with delicious food.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 泰國TRUE電信創意中心

TRUE Telecom Creative Center, Thailand
The project covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters as a leased office area. Industry giants such as Thailand’s largest telecommunications company True Corporation and Thailand’s news station TNN are competing to settle in Whizdom 101, bringing at least 7,000 job opportunities.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Sustain ovation Design

The apartments of Whizdom 101 are all using non-toxic and environmentally friendly building materials, and introduce energy-saving and water-saving technologies, such as EUM home energy consumption detection technology, to help owners effectively control energy use. And it is the first residential building in Thailand to use indoor air quality monitoring and ERV energy circulating fresh air technology, which monitors indoor carbon dioxide content and regularly circulates indoor and outdoor air.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101

Whizdom 101, the final phase, the Inspire 1 unit is priced from HK$1.12 million* and has freehold ownership. All units are equipped with a “smart home system”, which can remotely control all electrical appliances in the room, and can easily shop and book restaurants in the community.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 會所

The project features one of the largest sports clubs in Thailand and is managed by ClubCorp, the largest private club and hotel facility operator in the United States. Equipped with an Olympic-standard 50-meter swimming pool, high-altitude camping, private banquet halls, etc., and all public spaces can be connected to WiFi.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Whizdom Track多層花園公園

About 65% of the land area is used for open space, with a multi-storey park, Thailand’s first cycle path and jogging track around the building, and 30% of it is reserved for greenery.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 教育網絡

Noble international school

The project is within walking distance to Anglo Singapore International School (teaching courses cover all ages from 2-20 years old). BTS one stop to Berkeley International School and Wells International School. There are also various colleges and universities such as art colleges, cooking colleges, business and economic universities, and technical universities in the surrounding area.

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 Sukumvit醫院

Medical Centre

There are Sukumvit Private Hospital and Kluaynamthai Private Hospital certified by international medical and health institutions in the district

Thailand 泰國 WHIZDOM 101 MQDC

Blue-chip developer MQDC Zhengda Group

As one of the world’s top 500 companies, CP Group’s operating income accounts for 10% of Thailand’s GDP, and its status is very important. With the “Magnolias Southern California” project as the starting point of the company’s business territory, it later launched the “Whizdom” brand apartment, introduced the “Waldorf Astoria Hotel”, and jointly developed the national landmark project “ICONSIAM” with the Siam Piwat Group.

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