Rouse Hill Metro and grand shopping malls bring the potential for price rising

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Rouse Hill is located 30 kilometers northwest of Sydney’s city center, 15 kilometers away from the second largest CBD, Parramatta, and only 4 kilometers away from Norwest Business Park, Sydney’s largest business and economic park. There are many well-known multinational companies, such as IBM, are located GSA, Schneider, Woolworths, B Braun, ResMed, Capital Finance and more than 400 companies and enterprises with more than 20,000 employees. The business park has brought a rapid increase of high-income employment population.

Loyal Property Australia Sydney Rouse Hill After the Sydney property market survived the worst days of the COVID epidemic, the property market stabilized in 2021 with a low mortgage interest rate. “Domain”, a website of Australian property research, showed that the property market rose by 30.4%. It’s perfect if your funds are limited, you can consider this new development area. Rouse Hill is 30 kilometers northwest of Sydney’s city centre, it has relatively affordable housing prices. In recent years, it has continued to strengthen infrastructure development, and housing prices have a high potential to rise. Rouse Hill is an hour’s drive from the center of Sydney. After the Metro line is fully opened in the future, the first line will directly lead to the famous Barangaroo.

Loyal Property Australia Sydney Rouse Hill

With the opening of the Northwest Line of the Sydney Metro in 2019, Rouse Hill’s transportation network became very convenient. The train comes at Rouse Hill MRT station every four minutes during peak hours, and it takes about 21 minutes by MRT to reach the transportation hub of the Northwestern District, Epping, and about 25 minutes to study at Macquarie University or Macquarie Technology Park ( Macquarie Technology Park). As for the current terminal station of the Northwest Line and the North Shore consumer hotspot Chatswood, it takes no more than 34 minutes, which saves a lot of time compared with the previous bust and train.

Loyal Property Australia Sydney Rouse Hill

Rouse Hill MRT Station is surrounded by a newly built shopping pedestrian street. There is a large shopping mall, Rouse Hill Town Centre, in the area. There are close to 250 merchants in the area, including two major supermarket chains, Asian grocery stores, butcher shops, vegetable and fruit shops, bakeries, and department stores. , Banks, post offices, telecommunications companies, medical centers, beauty salons, and “food courts” lined with restaurants, theaters and libraries are also next to the shopping center.

Loyal Property Australia Sydney Rouse Hill Loyal Property Australia Sydney Rouse Hill

According to Rouse Hill’s urban planning, the City Council will connect the North-West T-Way bus line, which connects the commercial town of Parramatta, to Rouse Hill Town Centre and Rouse Hill subway stations. In fact, Rouse Hill still has a number of infrastructure and residential development projects which ready to start, and within a few years, it will be more closely and conveniently connected to the outside of the district.

Rouse Hill keeps developing rapidly. The government will spend 300 million AUD to build the Rouse Hill Hospital in order to fill the shortage of the Northwest Bank Hospital. The planned expansion of the new shopping mall will add large-scale retail shops and commercial areas, and develop nearly 12,000 square meters. Greenbelt Park and Central Park with an area of 7,500 square meters. However, the price of residential buildings has not reached high. The residential units in this area are known for their spaciousness. The admission of 2-bedroom units starts at approximately HK$3.85 million. The median property price in Sydney is still only in the low-to-mid price range. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Sydney and want to invest in areas with huge potential, while collecting rents while waiting for appreciation, Rouse Hill is a hot location for investment.

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