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Park Ridge

Specialist disability accommodation (SDA) is a range of housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) projects, which is specially designed for special housing assistance for communities in need. In order to meet the huge market demand, the Australian government allocates 22 billion Australian dollars each year, and provides higher rental returns to encourage individual and corporate investors to participate in the construction of SDA housing, and then accelerate the development and construction of the country to increase supply quantity.

The rental cost of NDIS SDA participants is subsidized by the Australian government for 20 years, and the plan will receive 700 million Australian dollars in subsidies each year. After the house is built, if investors want to supply the house to the SDA market, they must be responsible for operation, maintenance and repair through a government-certified management agency.

Investment advantages of NDIS

  • 10-year lease plan, followed by 10+10-year contract renewal options (option to renew)
  • Rental return guarantee, annual income can reach 10%
  • The rental income is paid by the Australian government to the certified SDA service organization, saving you the trouble of renting tyrants
    Rental operation, maintenance works, etc. are handled by certified SDA service agencies, and the owner is at ease
  • The owner does not need to bear the maintenance and management fees
  • Priority repurchase at market price
  • The owner owns the property Freehold Freehold
Loyal Property Australia NDIS 澳洲

The NDIS land and house investment project is located in Park Ridge, a newly developed urban area between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Adjacent to the large planned residential community Central Park Ridge, the community enjoys 6.5 hectares of public open space, which is a high-quality and livable choice. In line with the Logan City Council’s large-scale comprehensive urban community planning, the city is expanding on a large scale, and the future land price appreciation ability is extremely high. It is estimated that by 2026, approximately 25,000 residents will be added, and more than 13,000 people will be provided with new employment opportunities, with a focus on providing knowledge-based industries and low-impact industries.

Loyal Property Australia ndisLoyal Property Australia NDIS 澳洲


SDA houses have specific specifications, and the project Park Ridge will upgrade the repossession standard, which is one of the advantages. The design of 3 suites, the height of 2.7 meters, build a wider porch.

Loyal Property Australia NDIS 澳洲

The closest railway to Park Ridge is Loganlea Railway Station. This station runs through two lines. It is 6 stops from Brisbane CBD and 4 stops from Helensville on the Gold Coast. It takes 25-33 minutes to commute to and from most of the stations. Features barrier-free facilities.

Loyal Property Australia NDIS 澳洲

As for daily shopping, it is mainly available in Park Ridge City Center and HomeCo Marsden Park Shopping Center. These include Coles and Woolworths large supermarket chains, postal services, banking and medical services. 20 minutes to Sunnybank, the largest Chinese district in Brisbane. Westfield Carindale is Queensland’s larger shopping mall, with more than 450 specialty stores, Brisbane City Council Library and the most advanced luxury greenhouse dining area, which definitely meets the higher-level shopping and leisure needs.


Park Ridge City Center: Drive for 7 minutes
HomeCo Marsden Park Shopping Center: Drive for 10 minutes
Asia Mart Algester Achievement Supermarket: Drive for 16 minutes
Inala Square: Drive for 20 minutes
Sunnybank Plaza: Drive for 21 minutes
Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre: Drive for 25 minutes

Other facilities
Isle of Ely Park: Drive for 2 minutes
Millwood Park: Drive for 4 minutes
Berrinba Wetland: Drive for 7 minutes
Park Ridge Family Clinic: Drive for 7 minutes
Park Ridge Dentist: Drive for 7 minutes
Logan Hospital: Drive for 17 minutes

Loyal Property Australia NDIS 澳洲

This project is a registered SDA service organization recognized by the government. They have cooperated with the government and the community and have been operating in support services for more than 10 years. They have a leading position in the industry and serve all major states in Australia.

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