What is NDIS? What is SDA?


We have mentioned the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the previous article, it is an insurance subsidy scheme for disabled persons promoted by the Australian government, and the government has established a special law (National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013) to supervise the implementation of this insurance plan.




SDA is the abbreviation of Specialist Disability Accommodation, and is generally called “barrier-free accommodation”. This type of housing has been optimized for specifications. 

SDA is the scope of the NDIS, and the annual special fund is as high as 700 million Australian dollars. At present, the plan allows individual or corporate investors to participate. 

According to government assessment, the construction of a house for the disabled can also create at least 15 new jobs, including hiring nursing staff, engineers, construction and management personnel, etc.


loyal property ndis sda australia


How does SDA work?


First, the housing needs to meet the specifications and be registered. The owner of the property rights must be the registrant; then the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will connect NDIS participants, investors and developers, and then based on the size, location and transportation convenience of the house. 

Degree to receive SDA grants. These subsidies are usually pre-calculated to subsidize part of the cost of investors, while also providing a market-competitive return on investment (ROI).


loyal property ndis sda australia


What’s the advantages of SDA?


Great demand


In 2008, the Australian Productivity Commission estimated that the number of people on the waiting list meeting the SDA requirements had reached 28,000, and the government’s estimate in 2018 was 50,700. 

Many people with disabilities are forced to live in nursing homes because they do not have barrier-free houses that meet the relevant requirements, and the number of barrier-free houses that meet the requirements was only about 3,000 in four years.

It is believed that the supply and demand will not be reached in a short period of time. To balance.




Since investors own the land and property rights, they can also change the property to self-occupation or sell it on the free market in the future.




Coordination with Government welfare plan



The rental cost of SDA participants is subsidized by the Australian government, the certification period is up to 20 years, and the program can receive a subsidy of 700 million Australian dollars. 

In addition, the NDIS has already been legislated, so the possibility of this subsidy being reduced in the future is greatly reduced.


Good returns


The rental rate of return on SDA-type properties is very high, because most of its rent sources are directly provided by the NDIS plan, and many disabled persons who meet the SDA requirements currently live in nursing homes, which is a large expenditure for the government (costs of nursing homes) About 3 times of SDA), so the government is willing to provide high subsidies to build this type of housing to achieve a win-win goal.



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