【Sydney “Silicon Valley” Macquarie Park New Project】 Energy-saving garden – Viciniti

The energy-saving garden, Viciniti is located in Macquarie Park, known as Sydney’s “Silicon Valley”, is developing rapidly. 

Besides, from business parks to good transportation connections. 

It is a pleasant new city that is vigorously created by the government to integrate life, business, education and shopping.

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Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park is the second largest business district in New South Wales (NSW), a key economic lifeline. 

Firstly, nearly 100 of the world’s largest high-tech, electronic and biopharmaceutical multinational companies are stationed in the business park, such as 

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Sony
  • 3M

In addition, the companies bringing together white-collar elites and professionals, making it the fourth largest employment area in Sydney. 

It has nearly 50,000 jobs.

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Planning, Industry and Environment plan

In the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment plan for the next 20 years. 

Macquarie Park will focus on employment to maximize its potential, transforming from a successful business park to the fourth largest financial center after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 

In addition, a large economy with 75,000 employed people.

The draft includes:

  • Provide up to 20,000 job opportunities
  • Build up to 7,650 new houses
  • Create an 18-hour economic circle to attract businesses and tourists
loyal property Australia Sydney Macquarie Park Viciniti


Firstly, Viciniti is located in the quiet area of Macquarie Park, with a unique stepped architectural design. 

Viciniti is a low- and medium-density self-occupied investment housing that combines convenience and tranquility. 

Besides, the price of 1 bedroom starts from only $680,000. 

Moreover, there are multiple types of apartments, and many units have dual orientations.

loyal property Australia Sydney Macquarie Park Viciniti
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Besides, the geographical position is superior, all the needs of life are within easy reach, and you can enjoy the rhythm of life. 

Moreover, Viciniti adjacent to  Macquarie University Metro Station, Macquarie Shopping Center, Macquarie Business Park, University Macquarie University, all within a 5-minute walk.

In addition, when the future City & Southwest Metro line is completed in 2024. It will be only 6 stops away from the CBD and Barangaroo, with convenient transportation.

loyal property Australia Sydney Macquarie Park Viniciti

Moreover, Viciniti embraces the landscaping landscape on all sides. 

In addition, it adopts floor-to-ceiling glass design with a majestic and bright appearance, and the open scenery is unobstructed.

loyal property Australia Sydney Macquarie Park Viniciti
loyal property Australia Sydney Macquarie Park Viniciti

Lastly, developers are committed to promoting a low-carbon and environmentally friendly living environment, and extensively apply energy-saving and emission-reduction configurations in housing estate design. 

For example: the use of a “Water Sensitive Urban Design” (Water Sensitive Urban Design) circulating water collection and treatment system for garden irrigation; the use of high-quality smart water-saving sprinklers, dishwashers and toilets to reduce water consumption. 

In addition, the exterior walls have been thermally insulated, with an average thermal insulation comfort rating of up to 7.1 stars, which can effectively reduce the dependence on air conditioning. 

According to the BASIX water scoring 40/40 and the BASIX energy scoring 25/25, both reached full marks.

The Viciniti star club

The Viciniti star club includes 

  • 3 beautifully landscaped gardens
  • Equipped with BBQ area
  • Open-air lawn
  • Banquet area
  • Gym, spa
  • 20-meter indoor heated swimming pool and other facilities
  • A childcare center

Creating a top elegant resort hotel Style living atmosphere

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