Belmont Place in Manchester, UK starts at only HKD 1.49 million

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    • The price starts at only HK$1.49 million
    • Rental return up to 5.2%*
    • Close to “zero rent”

Media TimeOut rated the world’s third best city-Manchester (Manchester)

loyal property Manchester Belmont Placeloyal property Manchester Belmont Placeloyal property Manchester Belmont Place
According to data from the British real estate network ,Zoopla, Manchester’s living cost is at the middle level in the UK, and much lower than London by 40%. The second advantage is that the transportation network is complete. There are 8 Metrolink light rail lines to connect to the suburbs and cities. After HS2 is opened to traffic, the train can reach London in 1 hour, which is an important transportation hub in the north. This is why Manchester has become the highest city in the UK in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) global livable city rankings.

loyal property Manchester Belmont Placeloyal property Manchester Belmont Place

In addition, its model education system, high-tech and communication media industries have attracted countless young people and professionals to move to Manchester for study and employment. The 27 universities have created approximately 500,000 students and nearly half of the graduate retention rate, which has a strong impact on the real estate market. As of March 2021, house prices have increased by 6.5% over the same period last year, far exceeding the growth of only 2% in the London market.

loyal property Manchester Belmont Place

Salford, next to Manchester city centre, with the development of new digital media in MediaCityUK, the economy has embarked on a high-speed track, attracting huge business opportunities. At present, there are more than 8,700 organizations in the area, including the world’s top technology and communications media giants Microsoft, Google, BBC and other large companies. Nearly 130,000 talents have entered the industry circle. The population is expected to increase by 20% by 2035. Coupled with the “Northern Powerhouse” (Northern Powerhouse) infrastructure development plan of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, it is believed that Manchester will become more and more prosperous.

The existing Belmont Place project, located in Salford, has attractive property prices. Arrive at the Weaste Metrolink light rail station when you go out, and it will take you 7 minutes to reach MediaCityUK and Manchester city center.

loyal property Manchester Belmont Place  loyal property Manchester Belmont Place  loyal property Manchester Belmont Place

The price per square foot is only £279-£322 square feet. It is the most economical among many new disks and is suitable for investors who plan to enter the market with petty capital. At present, all units are rented out, and the lease return rate is about 5.2%. After the lease expires, they can also live in themselves. A 4-storey low-density residence with spacious space, starting from 495 square feet for one-bedroom units and 603 square feet for two-bedroom units, with parking. Arrive at the Weaste Metrolink light rail station when you go out, and you can reach MediaCityUK in 7 minutes. It only takes 20 minutes to drive to Spinningfields, Deansgate, Piccadilly CBD location.

It is close to high-quality schools and has a strong learning atmosphere. There are many schools with excellent ratings by Ofsted, the British Education Standards Agency.
Manchester Academy of Community Gymnastics: 9 minutes walk
St Mary’s RC Primary School, Eccles (Ofsted: Outstanding): 12 minutes by bus
St Luke’s C of E Primary School (Ofsted: Good): 13 minutes walk
Holy Family Catholic Primary School (Ofsted: Outstanding): 18 minutes walk

In addition, the academic heritage of higher education institutions is rich and diversified. There is the University of Salford with outstanding radiology and physiotherapy majors, and Manchester Metropolitan University, the largest and most prestigious school of art and design outside London, and the QS world university ranking top University of Manchester.
University of Salford (Main Campus): 22 minutes by bus
Manchester Metropolitan University: 29 minutes by bus
University of Manchester (2021 QS World University Rankings #27): 31 minutes by light rail
University of Bolton: Drive for 18 minutes

The Salford community is lively, leisure and entertainment, full of life needs, and quite an artistic atmosphere. Adjacent to Salford Shopping Centre, Manchester’s only Outlet Quayside MediaCity and the UK’s third largest shopping mall, The Trafford Centre, absolutely meet shopping needs, ranging from basic daily necessities to high-end boutiques. It is believed that football fans are familiar with Old Trafford Stadium, and have even been to pilgrimages and watch matches. It is the base of two world-class teams (Manchester United and Manchester City). The Bridgewater Hall concert hall often has world performances. The large art center The Lowry also has a large number of paintings and theater facilities. There are various cultural and entertainment activities on a regular basis, suitable for you with music and artistic accomplishments.

Eccles Shopping Centre: 5 minutes by light rail
Old Trafford Stadium: Drive for 8 minutes
The Trafford Centre: Drive for 10 minutes
Quayside MediaCity: 12 minutes by light rail
The Lowry, a large art center: 13 minutes by light rail
Salford Shopping Centre: 15 minutes by bus
Bridgewater Hall: 19 minutes by bus

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