【 Priority sale in Hong Kong】The core area of ​​Sydney’s development─ Eminence

【Priority for sale in Hong Kong】

Sydney’s core area of development-Eminence

Australia is the first choice for Hong Kong people to study and emigrate, and the quality of education in local institutions is especially popular with Hong Kong people.

In recent years, more and more people have come to Australia to study and settle, and the prospects for property appreciation have greatly enhanced, which has led more and more people to enter the market. Due to the huge demand, the value of Australian properties has appreciated by 10-20% in recent years. In addition, the supply of high-quality properties with abundant educational resources and adjacent to excellent universities is very limited, making it difficult to find a market. In conjunction with Australia’s future urban planning, the focus on the development of central Sydney has made it possible for core cities such as Zetland to launch high-quality new properties every time there is a rush to buy in the local property market, including the focus of the city, the priority of real estate in Australia for sale in Hong Kong, and the proximity to excellent universities. High-quality real estate of #Zetland, the core area of Sydney development in Australia ─ Eminence

Zetland Eminence outlook

 Eminence is located in Zetland, the core area of the Sydney City Government’s Green Square redevelopment plan. The City of Sydney government has been planning and developing Green Square in the past ten years. This area consists of Waterloo, Zetland, Rosebery and Alexandria, located between the Sydney CBD and the airport. The government has invested $13 billion in its historic urban renewal reconstruction plan.
Zetland Eminence inner
The landscape of Eminence is very open, and some units can even have a full view of the Sydney city center and enjoy the freehand scenery.

Zetland Eminence Green Square station

Zetland Eminence Sydney Airport
Eminence’s location is very superior. It is a 7-minute walk to Green Square Station, a 5-minute train to Sydney Airport, and an 11-minute drive to the CBD. It extends in all directions and is near the future Waterloo metro station. The transportation is very convenient.


Railway station nearby

Green Square Train Station: 7 minutes walk

Sydney International Airport Railway Station: Drive for 5 minutes 

 Zetland Eminence University of Sydney
Zetland Emience University of Technology Sydney Located in a high-quality campus area, close to many well-known universities, including the world-famous University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney Boys’ High School and Sydney Girls’ High School

Universities Nearby

– Green Square School: 11 minutes walk

– Sydney Boys High School: Drive for 6 minutes

– Sydney Girls’ High School: Drive for 6 minutes

– University of Technology Sydney: Drive for 10 minutes

– University of Sydney: Drive for 9 minutes

 Zetland Eminence East Village Sydney
 Zetland Eminence Library Green SquareZetland Emience East Village SydneyZetland Emience East Village Sydney
Eminence has ample community facilities, with a library, shopping center, aquatic center, sports center, and entertainment venues including SCG/SFS, Randwick Racecourse and Centennial Park in the surrounding area. Enjoy a quiet time in the park green space, and you can also enjoy various sports activities at the same time.
Facilities Nearby
– Woolworths Green Square Supermarket: 7 minutes walk
– East Village Shopping Center: 6 minutes walk
– Supa Centa Moore Park: 16 minutes walk

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Eminence (Zetland)


Zetland Eminence inner Zetland Eminence inner Zetland Eminence innerZetland Eminence outlook


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