The Development Prospects Of St Leonards

The development prospects of St Leonards

Australia has always been one of the preferred countries for studying abroad, immigration, investment and retirement. This time I would like to introduce you to St Leonards, located in the northern part of Sydney, Australia. As a key economic development town, St Leonards is located in the bay of Sydney Harbour, facing the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. The superior geographical environment is very suitable for investment, immigration or study abroad.

According to the St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 vision plan, the state government intends to build St Leonards and the neighboring Crows Nest into an economic center for the dual development of commercial and residential industries. It is estimated that in the next 20 years, the continued development of St Leonards and Crows Nest will bring 16,500 jobs, and the number of jobs will reach 65,500.

Transportation hub fortress

In order to cope with the continuous economic development, the connection with important regions is also very important. St Leonards is a traditional luxury housing area located between North Sydney and Chatswood. It is only about 5 kilometers away from the center of Sydney. It only takes 20 minutes to reach Central Station from St Leonards Railway Station. In addition, there is also a bus transfer station in the local area. You can go to Sydney CBD, Chatswood, Manly and other important areas along the Pacific Highway. By 2024, Sydney’s new subway line will be completed, and the nearby Crows Nest subway station will be able to reach the city center and Bankstown, and it will take a shorter time to reach Chatswood, Macquarie University and North Sydney. The transportation is very convenient. St Leonards is located in a superior transportation center, and the completion of the future subway line shows its potential for appreciation.

High-income professionals drive up property prices

In terms of urban architectural planning, about 50-storey buildings will be constructed along the Pacific Highway between St Leonards Station and Crows Nest Merio Station. The high traffic concentration point makes this area a concentrated development of commercial and residential buildings.

According to the 2016 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of St Leonards is 5,495, and the 25-34-year-old population accounts for 37% of the total population, compared to Xinzhou’s 14.2% and 14.4% of Australia’s nationwide, nearly 40% of St Leonards are relatively young people. In terms of education level, St Leonards has 60.7% of the population with a university education or above, which is significantly more than 23.4% in Xinzhou and 22% in Australia. In terms of occupation, professionals accounted for 48.3%, close to half of the total population, followed by managers with 19.3%, compared with nearly 23% professionals and 13% managers in Xinzhou and Australia. Due to the majority of professionals and managers, the per capita income of St Leonards has also increased to AUG1,386, which is twice as high as that of Xinzhou and Australia. With the current development, St Leonards is undergoing economic transformation. It is estimated that in the future there will be more diversified job opportunities and more highly educated professionals who have a certain purchasing power, which will drive the increase in property prices and also increase the rental market. Increasingly hot.

Rich educational resources and medical facilities, leisurely and comfortable green communities and public areas

As the housing industry of St Leonards was also developed during the planning process, infrastructure including schools and medical care became more important. In addition to bringing development benefits to St Leonards, it could also create more employment opportunities. St Leonards has an excellent primary and secondary school network, which can provide rich and advanced educational resources. The middle school has the top 5 prestigious schools in Xinzhou, North Sydney Boys and Girls High School, Wenona School. Nearby is the St Leonards Campus of TAFE NSW, Australia’s largest vocational, technical and educational training institution. It takes 20 to 35 minutes by subway or bus to reach the well-known universities Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney. St Leonards also has famous large hospitals, including Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital (Royal North Shore Hospital), North Shore Private Hospital (North Shore Private Hospital) and the famous obstetrics and gynecology hospital Mater Hospital. There are many green community parks nearby, which make the place to live more comfortable. It can be close to the community facilities and enjoy the shade of green. It is a high-quality living and living environment. It can be said that all kinds of living facilities are very complete.

Commercial development increases employment opportunities, and the increase in demand for residential home ownership drives residential property prices

If you live in Sydney, you will know that most of the people in Sydney nowadays need to drive to work by themselves, and it takes a long time. As the strategic centre of Sydney’s sixth largest office market, St Leonards has a very important economic role. At present, most residents of St Leonards take the subway or train, and St Leonards is also planned to be developed into a “30-minute city”. It is hoped that the distance between the place of residence and the place of work can be shortened, and the development of residential and commercial industries can be coordinated with each other. Attracting professionals and increasing employment opportunities will increase the population in the future, promote the demand for residential home ownership in the area, and increase the room for residential appreciation. At present, many large companies have spotted the development potential of St Leonards and have settled here, including IBM, Toyota Financial Services, Lenova and CIMIC Group, etc. I believe that the development prospects of St Leonards really cannot be underestimated.

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